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CGN participates in China Mining 2019
Released at:11:20:00 2019-10-14

The 21st China Mining, directed by the Ministry of Natural Resources of PRC and organized by the China Mining Association, was held in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from October 9 to 11, 2019. Chen Deshao, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of CGN, was invited to attend the conference on October 10, in which he delivered a keynote speech themed Investment Practices of Overseas Uranium Resources in the sub-forum of “Mining Capital Market”.


He introduced the development history of the global nuclear power, the imbalance between uranium resource distribution and demand, and recent trends of natural uranium prices, and then shared the experience of CGN in investing overseas uranium resources, particularly about seizing the underlying logic of “Cost is King” and laying out the idea of the next cycle of natural uranium, which struck a chord with the attendees.


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